Best of Boulder-Restaurant Renovation

Best of Boulder Japango

Japango's intimate space has always been one of the stellar Japanese restaurant highlights. So what did they do this year? They expanded that great space to create a spectacular bar area to go along with what was already the best setting for sushi in the county. And they needed that bar because Japango has the area's largest selection of fine sake. If you haven't been in since the place grew, take it from us you need to see it. It's fantastic.

Columbine Elementary Growe Dome

We were the Associate Architects for the new Columbine Elementary School that opened two years ago here in Boulder. The Boulder Valley School District made a special investment in the re-building of this underserved school, and it has paid off in spades. It is now a vibrant and sough-after bi-lingual school with some of the most beautiful and advanced sustainable architecture in the state. And now as the cherry on the top, we just assisted the school in creating a new geodesic greenhouse, where the kids will grow fresh food for their school lunch program year round in partnership with the Growe Foundation.   Columbine Growe Dome