Frequently Asked Questions

"What can I feasibly do with my property?"

We are happy to conduct a FREE (yes, it really is) site visit, then investigate the zoning and building feasibility for you. We prepare a report and can even help you create a rough estimate of costs. No contract and no strings attached (minimum project size must be $500K+).

Realtors: check out our Realtor Referral Program.  For many years we have been teaching a workshop called “Understanding the Rules for Building in Boulder” for BARA and at real estate offices all over town.  If you would like to attend our next class or bring us to your shop please contact us today.

"What is the advantage of design/build?"

With our design arm Rodwin Architecture we create a seamless team process. Design/build can save on time and cost, and carry through the architectural design with the highest degree of integrity. You get a design that from start to finish is in alignment with your budget. Lastly, you get single-point responsibility from Skycastle for the entire process and final results.

"How long does the process take?"

Overall the design, engineering, bid and permitting process usually takes 6-10 months, and construction of an average sized new home takes about 6-12 months.

"How does the contract work and how much do you charge?"

If we are providing architectural services for you, we begin just with an architectural contract.  After several months of “auditioning” us, we’ll present you with a construction contract for your consideration.  We use a Fixed Fee (Hard Bid) contract for new ground-up construction and a "Cost Plus" contract for remodels and additions. We're happy to provide you with a sample contract for your review during the interview process.

"How am I assured of getting a good price for the project?"

We are competitively priced compared to local builders of equal quality and consider our prices to be right in the middle of the market. Where we really deliver value to you is that we work unusually hard to get the most competitive bids from our subcontractors and material vendors. With both the Cost Plus and the Fixed Fee contracts we present the numbers to you transparently so you can see that you’re getting a good deal.

"How am I assured of getting the best quality?"

Visit our prior projects and talk to our past clients. We build our houses to an extremely high level of quality, and specialize in creating some of the most energy-efficient and durable homes anywhere. Lastly, all our projects come with an unusually comprehensive warranty.

"What's the first step?"

Call or email our CEO Scott Rodwin to set up your complimentary interview today!


Phone: 303.413.8556