We are honored to have helped bring Uniquely Cats Veterinary Clinic's vision to life!

Barbara Slack-Bowden and Dr. Fern Slack, right, are co-founders of Boulder’s sole feline-only veterinary clinic.

Barbara Slack-Bowden and Dr. Fern Slack, right, are co-founders of Boulder’s sole feline-only veterinary clinic.


Pet owners all know the fear and uncertainty of realizing their animal is sick. It can be hard to determine what’s wrong and whether it’s serious enough to warrant a trip to the vet. According to Dr. Fern Slack, co-founder of Uniquely Cats Veterinary Center, cats can be especially difficult to diagnose because of their evolutionary position on the food chain. “Cats are predators, but they’re also small prey, and small prey animals all obey one behavioral rule: If you’re sick, you don’t act sick until you absolutely cannot hide it anymore,” explained Slack, a veterinary physician who has worked solely with felines since 1993. “The minute you act sick in the wild, you have a target on your back.” Read more here..

How Do You Work with a Builder?

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You’ve probably heard the horror stories from friends at a party as they tell you about their construction project headaches: Budgets blown. Schedules shot. Questionable quality. And lawsuits. Oh, the joy of building. Sometimes it sounds like the only thing worse would be trying to do it yourself. But there are plenty of success stories too – they just don’t make for as good a story. Here’s what you need to know to improve your chances for a happy outcome.

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2018 Boulder Green Home Tour


We are proud to be a sponsor of the 4th annual Boulder Green Home Tour,  Saturday, September 29th, from 10am-4pm. Jocelyn in our office has been Co-Chairing the event hosted by the Colorado Green Building Guild. The tour showcases some of Boulder’s best new custom green homes, plus a tiny home and an affordable housing community. Grab your tickets, and come get an inside look at these fantastic homes, including one of ours (the Seeblick Residence).  The tour is donating 10% of its proceeds to Boulder Housing Partners.  And join us at the kick-ass After-Party at The Bohemian Biergarten on the 29th from 4-6 pm. 


Innovative Architectural Solutions

Solutions for Breaking the Link Between Poverty & Education

Chronic poverty leads to lack of education leads to chronic poverty leads to lack of ed….you get the picture.  It’s a nasty cycle.  And it’s not just in what we often refer to as the “developing world.” There are underserved populations everywhere.  Even generally affluent U.S. cities often have a digital divide.  In our increasingly information driven world, this lack of access to knowledge results in a barrier to opportunity for those who don’t have the economic, geographical or cultural freedom to participate. 

Here is a look at some innovative design solutions to this worldwide problem.  All of these ideas face some common challenges: How do you create an attractive, secure, sustainable and affordable solution in areas that have little money, little safety and often little hope for a bright future? Read More

World Environment Day

What Makes Me Hopeful for a Sustainable Future

(Editor’s Note: For World Environment Day 2015, Planet Experts asked each of its experts what makes them the most hopeful for a sustainable future. This answer comes direct from Scott Rodwin, President of Rodwin Architecture and Skycastle Construction.)

1) That green building is quickly becoming the only way to build.

2) The meteoric rise in general awareness about the impact that we have on the environment, provided through a multitude of documentaries and online resources.

3) This quote: “You can always count on Americans to do the right thing….after they’ve tried everything else.” -Winston Churchill … Well, we’ve tried everything else.

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Community: The Secret Ingredient to Sustainable Development

By Scott Rodwin


There is no such thing as a sustainable home. That’s a pretty provocative statement coming from someone who makes his living designing LEED Platinum, Net Zero Energy homes. What I mean is that the sustainability of a home is more than just the energy and resources that one home consumes; it’s also the lifestyle and total carbon footprint of the inhabitants of the home. I believe that community is the secret ingredient that can make allhomes more sustainable.

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Brewers Association

We remodeled a 12,000s.f. office building into a new headquarters for the Brewers Association.   We worked closely with the client to take into account their specific space needs and plans for future growth.  Our design team opened up the ceiling of the main floor to create a dramatic atrium and grand stair to increase connectivity between departments.  The public space has a full bar (of course!) adjoining the state-of-the-art conference room to support the social functions of the organization.  We incorporated playful brewery-inspired details like a beer bottle chandelier, raw steel, rustic brick and wood slats to create charm and fully express their unique brand.  As with all our projects, sustainability is woven throughout the project including: recycled materials, maximum re-use of existing finishes and fixtures, water conserving plumbing fixtures, Energy-Star appliances, mechanical and shell energy-upgrades, and LED lights throughout.



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